About the Artist

Meet Ryan Kingsbury.

Gifted with his exceptional artistic talent which started at a very young age, Ryan won national awards in monochromatic pencil portraits. Aside from his love of art, Ryan attended medical school and became nationally certified as a medical assistant. Shortly after, he began looking into the art of pointillism through scalp micropigmentation and wanted to combine his artistic and medical background to help change lives.

Voted Artist of the Year and Canada's Trainer of the Year.

Ryan became double certified in 2 long term Scalp Micropigmentation apprentice programs as well as being advanced trained with Scalp Co Academy. The #1 global Scalp Micropigmentation program.

With over 7 years of experience, he took realism to the next level through his artistic ability and is widely known for his hyper-realistic hairlines and innovative flick technique that changes the common Scalp Micropigmentation cookie cutter result into the most undetectable natural result possible. 

My Mission.

To reach anyone who thinks they have no hope in the struggle against hair loss and to restore that hope and bring happiness and confidence back into their life.