Advanced SMP Training: Elevate Your Skills to Master Level

You have a foundation now let's level your SMP UP!

Transform Your SMP Artistry in Just 2 Days

Price: $2,600 CAD

Transform Your SMP Artistry in Just 2 Days

Designed for SMP artists that want to enhance their skills.

Master Hyper-Realistic Feathered Hairline Techniques

  • Learn the art of crafting undetectably natural hairlines. Our training focuses on ultra-realistic, feathered hairline techniques, ensuring your work stands out with its impeccable, natural appearance.

Perfect Pressure Techniques for Lasting Impact.

  • Delve into advanced pressure techniques crucial for long-lasting pigment retention. We guide you through the nuances of applying perfect pressure, a key factor in the longevity and quality of SMP results.

Seamless Feathered Blending for Hyper-Realistic Results.

  • Master the skill of creating seamless, evenly blended results that mimic natural hair perfectly. Our hands-on training will teach you the subtleties of achieving an even and natural blend for a hyper-realistic finish.

Advanced Machine Settings for Optimal Results.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of proper voltage and needle settings. Learn how to adjust your equipment for the perfect soft impression, a critical aspect of top-tier SMP work..

Personalized Improvement Focus.

  • We address your specific areas of improvement. Whatever aspect of SMP you wish to enhance, our personalized training approach ensures you elevate your skills effectively.

Exclusive Tips from 6 Years of SMP Experience,

  • Benefit from personal advice and professional tips accumulated over a 6-year career in SMP. These insights are invaluable for anyone serious about advancing their SMP career.

Start a New Chapter in Your SMP Career

Whether you’re looking to refine specific techniques or elevate your overall skill set, our training is a commitment to your success. With our dedication and your passion for changing lives, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.