Ryan Kingsbury

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Meet Ryan Kingsbury, the man behind the passion.

Ryan Kingsbury is a multi global award-winning scalp micropigmentation artist regarded as one of the best in the world.

From a young age he developed a very keen artistic eye which he got from his mother, Karen Kingsbury, who is a professional artist in chalk, pencil, oil, watercolor, and ink. At the young age of 12, Ryan won a 3rd place bronze medal in the M.A.C.S. drawing contest out of entries from over 100 schools for a monochromatic pencil drawing he created. From there he did pencil portraits and various drawings of all kinds for different people.

Born and raised in Michigan, Ryan grew up in the ministry with a deep love for helping people instilled in him by his parents and from helping his dad, Pastor Dwight Kingsbury, reach out to people and to let them know they are loved and not alone. “Showing God’s love to everyone has always been a deep passion for me”.

Ryan eventually went to medical school in Michigan and graduated as a nationally certified medical assistant where he worked in the medical field for 4 years before meeting his wife, Mariannthy, and moving to London, Ontario. “She was a permanent makeup artist of 20 years and told me about scalp micropigmentation, I had no idea what it even was or that it was even possible”.

Ryan combined his heavy art background and his medical background and went full force into scalp micropigmentation training first in Vancouver and then in Toronto. 6 years later he is regarded as one of the best scalp micropigmentation artists worldwide and well known for his hyper-realistic undetectable hairlines.

He is also the originator of “the flick” technique which he developed over the years in which he creates undetectable jagged hair-like follicle flick impressions simulating the natural shape and look of real hair follicles even when magnified as close as possible.

Ryan has also trained many of the scalp micropigmentation artists in Ontario and Alberta, as well as B.C. and the states. He has personally trained 1 on 1 over 40 successful artists around the world. Ryan is a pro sponsored artist by the two #1 brands in scalp micropigmentation. 5pm Shadow and Membrane.

He now simply strives to provide clients with the best quality scalp micropigmentation in the world to help change lives and restore a new sense of confidence and happiness.

“This is my passion. This is what I love to do. It is my utmost honour and privilege to help change a life”.